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Oraciones condicionales en inglés

Seguro que ya sabes que en inglés existen hasta cuatro tipos diferentes de oraciones condicionales(«si X, entonces Y»). Dominarlas a la perfección es muy importante para expresarte con propiedad, así que hoy vamos a darle un repaso a las reglas y ver algunos ejercicios prácticos sobre el condicional en inglés. Let’s go! Las reglas de los condicionales en …

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Past simple, past perfect and past continuous

Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: past simple vs. past perfect English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate / advanced level. This exercise focuses on the difference between the past simple and the past perfect. Past simple – common mistakes Common mistakes Correct version Why? I was work in London. I worked in London. In positive sentences, a helping verb such as was or did is …

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Writing vocabulary to get ready for TOEIC and CAMBRIDGE exams

By learning to use  fixed expressions and frequent phrases, you can do an excellent writing. Furthermore, you will be able to write more quickly and effectively and get ready for the exam. And you will feel comfortable using some of expressions from each group below, so they come to mind easily during the exam. General …

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