Checklist to improve your writing: C1 advanced

Para todos los interesados en realizar los exámenes de Cambridge, siempre nos detenemos en las partes que más les preocupan, y los ‘writing‘ son a veces una pesadilla para muchos. Por ello, hoy os traemos los puntos en los que se fijan los examinadores en la corrección de esta parte del examen. Esperamos ayudaros.

Remember how the Writing paper is assessed

Cambridge English examiners consider four things when marking the Writing paper:

– You have done what the task asked you to do. You have included all the important information.
X You did not include everything you were asked for. Perhaps you have written something irrelevant or
misinterpreted the task.

Communicative Achievement
– The writing is appropriate for the task. You used the right style for what you’re trying to communicate.
X The writing isn’t suitable for the task – for example, it might be too formal or too informal.

– The writing is put together well. It is logical and ordered. The ideas are clearly connected.
X It is difficult for the reader to follow. For example, the paragraphing is poor, there aren’t many linking
words, the ideas aren’t organised logically, etc.

– There is a good range of vocabulary and grammar, and these are used accurately. Even if there are
some mistakes, the reader can still understand the text.
X There are mistakes that could make the text difficult or confusing for the reader.

How can I check and improve my own writing?

You can use this checklist to review your work and decide if you want to edit what you’ve written. For a
good piece of writing at C1 Advanced level, you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to every question in this list.

Top tip!
Find a ‘study buddy’ and use this checklist to help each other. Feedback and
support from other learners can be very useful in improving your writing skills.

– Have I covered all the key information required by the task?
– Have I written only information which is relevant to the task?
– Have I developed the basic points in the task with my own ideas?

Communicative Achievement
– Have I achieved the main purpose(s) of the text (for example, explaining, persuading, suggesting,
apologising, comparing, etc.)?

– Have I used a suitable mix of fact and opinion?
– Have I used a suitable style and register (formal or informal) for the task?

– Have I used paragraphs appropriately to organise my ideas?
– Have I used other organisational features appropriately for the genre of the text (for example, titles,
headings, openings, closings, etc.)?
– Is the connection between my ideas clear and easy for the reader to follow? (For example, have I used
appropriate linking words, pronouns, etc. to refer to different things within the text?)
– Are the ideas balanced appropriately, with suitable attention and space given to each one?

– Have I used a wide range of vocabulary?
– Have I avoided repeating the same words and phrases?
– Have I used a range of simple and more complex grammatical structures?
– Have I correctly used any common phrases which are relevant to the specific task or topic?
– Is my use of grammar accurate?
– Is my spelling accurate?

Top tip!
You can do practice activities and get immediate feedback on your writing at

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