Ejercicios FIRST y TOEIC


Para tener un buen nivel de inglés es necesario saber que clases de palabras utilizamos en cada momento. Para ello en los exámenes de TOEIC y Cambridge hay varias actividades en las que se evalúa a los alumnos si saben diferenciar entre los distintos tipos de palabras. Por eso hemos pensado que una buena manera de practicar es haciendo ejercicios similares a los que os mostramos a continuación.

Si estás seguro que tipo de palabra tienes que utilizar, por ejemplo un adjetivo, pero no sabes cual es la palabra exacta en  inglés, intenta pensar en los prefijos y sufijos típicos. Quizás simplemente necesitas añadir un sufijo como –ive o un prefijo como dis-. Prueba con algunos y elige el que creas que es el mejor.

A continuación os dejamos varias actividades  para que podáis practicar la parte 3 del Use of English del examen del FIRST.

 A) Complete the sentence with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1 He tried to fix his machine but it was (POSSIBLE) ……….

2 You don’t need to wear a suit to the party. You can look (FORMAL) ………. if you wish.

3 She won the bicycle race (EASY) ………. .

4 The weather forecast says it’s going to be (RAIN) ………. today.

5 The body was discovered (LIE) ………. on the floor.

6 He told her that he was (TRUE) ………. in love with her.

7 She was filled with (HAPPY) ………. when she heard the good news.

8 He was the (BIG) ………. in the class.

B) Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


After the recent floods, (0)____________ are calling for beavers           CONSERVE

To be reintroduced to Britain. You may wonder how animals that

build dams prevent floods when (1) ____________the opposite             SURE

is true. However, beavers construct dams in upland areas, creating

small pools and(2) ____________ that retain water and release water    DIVERT

to lowlandareas much more(3) ____________.                                        GRADUAL

Until the 16th century, beavers lived wild in parts of Bitain, but

They were hundred to (4) ____________ for their fur. However,          EXTINCT

recently (5) ____________ British wildlife organisations have              VARY

applied to reintroduce beavers to the countryside. Along with their

potential value in flood (6) ____________, they would create             PREVENT

wetland habitats and promote (7) ____________ .                                TOUR

But such measures are (8)  ____________. Beavers                             CONTROVERSY

reintroduced to Estonia have flooded large areas of forest and

(9) ____________ land, and this, in turn, has damaged croops.          AGRICULTURE

As a result, it has been necessary to cull beavers when the

population becomes to large. Many people think it (10) __________  ETHIC

to reintroduce a species which will then be killed.

Y aquí tenéis algunos ejercicios que aparecen en la parte del READING de los exámenes del TOEIC, en los que también es importante saber que tipos de palabras debéis utilizar en cada momento para que una oración tenga sentido.

A) TOEIC-Reading part V:

Choose the Word that best completes the sentence.

1- Everyone at the concert was ____________ by Ms. Vincenzi’s outstanding perfoemance.

(A) impressive

(B) impressionist

(C) impressed

(D) impressing

2- Mr. Woo is ____________ looking for ways to make the operation of Eterna Cosmetics more efficient.

(A) considerably.

(B) countlessly

(C) compactly

(D) continuallly

3-Ms. Oduya often ____________ with the organization of company conferences.

(A) assisting

(B) assists

(C) to assist

(D) been assisting

4-In the past year, Burger Land has doubled the ____________ of its restaurants in Great britain.

(A) numerous

(B) numbered

(C) numeral

(D) number

5-The supervisors decided to delay____________ until they could fill the entire order.

(A) ship

(B) shipped

(C) shipper

(D) shipment

6-To make sure that the canal is ____________ all year round, measures will be taken to raise the water level.

(A) navigator

(B) navigation

(C) navigate

(D) navigable

7-Our firm’s technological expertise is ____________ equivalent to that of our competitors.

(A) rougher

(B) roughly

(C) rough

(D) roughness

8-The political and economic problems facing the new administration must be addressed ____________.

(A) caution

(B) cautious

(C) cautiously

(D) cautioning

9-Hyun technology’s sales figures were ____________ high for each quarter last year.

(A) uniformed

(B) uniformity

(C) uniform

(D) uniformly

10-In Saturday’s auction, the property will go to the highest bidder,

____________ of the amount offered.

(A) regarding

(B) regardless

(C) regards

( D) regarded

B) TOEIC-Reading part VI:

In these questions, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlind parts of the sentences are marked (A), (B), (C), (D). You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.


1- Employees may suscribe to the staff magazine for just 10 Euros annual.

(A)                                       (B)           (C)                     (D)

2- If  this elevator is out of ordering, please use the one located at the end of the hall.

(A)                                     (B)                            (C)                        (B)

3- The price of tea has fallen to its lower level in over five months.

(A)              (B)             (C)                 (D)

4-Travelling to Rio de Janeiro during the summer will be more costlier than it is now.

(A)                                       (B)                          (C)            (D)

5- Energy prices are continual to rise as ureasonably cold weather affected much of the country.

(A)                           (B)                                  (C)          (D)

6- Flash photography is not allowance in the museum because of potencial damage to irreplaceable paintings.

(A)                                 (B)                                                              (C)        (D)

No olvidéis enviar los ejercicios hechos a nuestro correo para que os los podamos corregir.




propell teacher workshop for TOEIC, Listening and Reading Test (test 1).

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