Grammar tips: Confusing words

En inglés hay muchas palabras confusas por la similitud en la pronunciación, ya que suelen haber más palabras cortas o conjuntos de palabras abreviados que pueden sonar similares y nos hacen el aprendizaje más difícil, por ello hoy queremos dedicar nuestro post de Grammar tips a unas de ellas: There, Their y They’re

When do we use there, their and they’re?

Word Explanation Example
there in, at or to that place Could you put the books there, please?
they’re short form of they are They’re reading a book.
their determiner belonging to them What colour is their car?

These words are homophones and are sometimes confusing for learners of English as a second language.

Put in the words there, their or they’re into the gaps.

  1. Where are your parents? out.
  2. The children did homework yesterday afternoon.
  3. is a cat in the garden.
  4. The boys are playing football with ball.
  5. Where are the CDs? in the box.
  6. brother is a car mechanic.
  7. Have you seen my book? – Yes, it’s over .
  8. Mandy and Tom are waiting for mother.
  9. We went to London and stayed for two weeks.
  10. They have forgotten to brush teeth.
  11. are people waiting outside.
  12. Suddenly was a loud bang.
  13. If anyone calls, ask for number.
  14. goes train.
  15. Where is the ball? Oh, it is.
  16. being served.
  17. you are. Your mother has been looking for you everywhere.
  18. I don’t know where going.
  19. was once a little girl who was very poor.
  20. reading books over .

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