Grammar tips: Make or Do

Volvemos con ejercicios muy útiles de inglés en Grammar tips, en este caso del nivel B1 con la diferencia entre los verbos ‘make’ y ‘do’ que a veces nos complican los exámenes y son tan básicos.

Make or Do 1
Put in the correct form of ‘make’ or ‘do’:
1) John worked hard and his best at his job, but he still wasn’t promoted

2) The teenagers were such a noise that the neighbour called the police

3) She a payment on her debt every month. Soon she’ll have finished paying it off

4) So many chores to ! I need to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, hoover and change all the beds

5) Sorry, I’ve a mistake. The restaurant isn’t here, but on another street

6) It’s late, and we should go home. Let’s a move

7) Unfortunately, his business a huge loss last year and had to close down

8) If you don’t speak English, you’ll find it hard to business in the UK

9) He a promise to his grandmother that he’d never fight anyone ever again

10) I called the hotel and a reservation for two people for Saturday the 16th

11) The washing machine flooded and the water a lot of damage. All the carpets had to be replaced

12) She a lot of lists of things to do, but she never does any of the things!

13) Unfortunately, all the students very badly on the test

14) Children such a mess! I spend my whole life tidying up

15) The car was 90 miles per hour on the motorway when it was stopped by the police

16) John went outside to a phone call

17) Lucy has decided to a course this autumn. She’s going to study Spanish

18) My grandmother loves crosswords

19) Anne a good point. She said that it’s often cheaper to fly in the UK than take the train

20) If I were to a prediction, I’d say that it’ll rain this afternoon

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