Grammar tips: Reading B1.1

Esta semana en los ejercicios para practicar gramática, volvemos con Reading del nivel B1, porque es el nivel más demandado y la parte de examen más larga.

Part 1

Questions 1-5

Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Circle the correct letter A, B or C.



Please purchase tickets
at the office before
boarding the ferry

A     Remember to buy your ticket when you get on the ferry.

B     You should buy your ticket before getting on the ferry.

C     The ferry won’t leave if you haven’t got a ticket.

1 A     Rob is enjoying his holiday.

B     Rob loves rainy weather.

C     The weather has spoiled Rob’s holiday.

experienced salesperson needed to sell exclusive
men’s clothing – afternoons only
The shop needs:

A     full-time salespeople to sell men’s clothing.

B     salespeople with experience to work part-time.

C     a young salesperson to start work immediately.

3 A     The swimming pool will be heated on Tuesday afternoons.

B     Swimmers may use the other pool on Tuesday afternoons.

C     On Tuesday afternoons, swimmers can’t use the heated pool.

Closed between

Saturday 5 pm

and Monday 9 am

Please return DVDs through

the letterbox.

A     DVDs may be returned through the letterbox over the weekend.

B     The DVD shop is closed from Saturday morning until Monday evening.

C     Return DVDs before 9 am on Monday.


Please take my books back to the library before you go to your basketball practice.



A     Mum wants Andrew to take his books back to the library.

B     Mum asks Andrew to return her books to the library.

C     Mum tells Andrew to go to basketball practice before he goes to the library.

Part 2

Questions 6-10

The people below are looking for houses to buy. Opposite, there are descriptions of eight houses. Decide which house is the most suitable for the buyers. For questions 6-10, mark the correct letter (A-H).


6 Monica is looking for a house in the country. Her hobbies are painting and cooking. She wants a place where she can take her dogs for long walks. She enjoys entertaining and having visitors to stay.
7 Dave and Sue are a young couple who are planning to have a baby. Sue wants a house near some shops. Dave works in the city and he loves building and repairing things. They have just bought their first car.
8 Alice manages a large computer company and she also works on the Internet at home. Alice works long hours and doesn’t have time for housework. She likes eating out and often goes to the theatre or cinema.
9 Mandy and Alan are looking for a house out of town. Mandy’s a translator
and she works from home. Alan is a travelling salesman. They both love sailing and spend their weekends on their sailing boat.

Tom, a widower and a pensioner, is a very keen gardener. He doesn’t want to live in town any more. Tom is looking for a small house in the countryside so that his grandchildren can visit in the holidays.


A sunlight

Designed and built by an architect, this ultra-modern home in the countryside has got walls made entirely of glass. The indoor courtyard is home to many exotic plants that need light and protection from the elements. Its location makes it suitable for people who work from home.

B top view

Situated on the top of a hill, this three-bedroomed cottage in the countryside overlooks beautiful scenery. Top View is a 20-minute walk from the sea through woods and over natural grassland. The old farm kitchen has recently been modernized and is fully equipped for entertaining.

C safe harbour

A delightful old fisherman’s cottage, Safe Harbour overlooks a sandy beach. This three-bedroomed house has recently been renovated and all modern conveniences were added. It has a study and a sun porch and is two kilometres from the motorway and ten minutes from the marina.

D gardenside

This pretty two-bedroomed cottage is half an hour out of town. It is surrounded by a well-cared-for garden with lots of fruit trees. It has got a large lounge with the original fireplace. Gardenside is a fifteen-minute walk from the Manor Horse Riding School, which caters for adults and children.

E 29 finch road

Near restaurants, shops and cinemas, this first-floor flat has got a balcony that overlooks the beach and the marina. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large lounge and a well-equipped kitchen. There is underground parking for cars and a roof garden for entertaining.

F 17 cranberry drive

This pleasant semi-detached house has got two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. It’s in the suburbs, close to bus lines, a tube station and the new shopping complex. A separate storeroom, which has been used as a workshop, is attached to the garage.

G magnolia

This is a pretty semi-detached home with a well-developed garden. Magnolia is close to the main shopping road and on the bus route into the city centre. There are four bedrooms with a large kitchen and dining area. There is a school and a church around the corner.

H 76 abbey court

Centrally located, this modern flat is ideal for a single person or a working young couple. It overlooks the city’s entertainment district. One bedroom has been converted into a study with Internet and cable TV facilities. A service company provides cleaning on a daily basis.

Part 3

Questions 11-20

Look at the sentences below about Nottinghamshire. Read the text below to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, tick A. If it is not correct, tick B.

11    Tourists only come to Nottinghamshire to see the countryside.

12    Travelling around Nottinghamshire by car is very convenient.

13    It isn’t pleasant to walk around Nottingham in the rain.

14    You can get information about Nottingham’s history in the City Hall.

15    There’s a very old pub next to Nottingham Castle.

16    Robin Hood probably lived in Sherwood Forest when John was King of England.

17    Every year, there’s a four-day event in Sherwood Forest.

18    Visitors to the Tales of Robin Hood museum are taken to an imaginary forest.

19    The museum provides food and entertainment for visitors.

20    Nottingham is a good place to visit for the young and old.


For a holiday with a difference, try Nottinghamshire. Situated in the East Midlands of England, the area offers beautiful walks with spectacular panoramic views of the countryside. Many of the old historic towns and cities make Nottinghamshire’s history come alive with their impressive cathedrals, churches and museums. Easily accessible by car, the area has become a popular tourist destination. Nottingham is the capital city and there’s something to do for every member of the family.

Nottingham is known as the Queen of the Midlands and is delightful even in the rain. The city centre is very compact and it’s easy to walk from one tourist site to the next. Pick up brochures and maps at the Information Centre in the City Hall. They will tell you where to go and give a brief account of Nottingham’s history.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, the oldest inn in England, sits in the shadow of Nottingham Castle. Dating back to 1189, today it’s a pub with a wonderful atmosphere. There are many tunnels, caves and secret passages that lead from the inn into the castle.

It is believed that Robin Hood, England’s most colourful folk hero, came from Nottinghamshire. During the days of King John, the legendary Robin and his band of Merry Men robbed the rich to feed the poor. Many exciting stories tell us of their adventures in Sherwood Forest. If you visit Nottingham in October, there’s usually a pageant in the castle grounds. This is a spectacular four-day event where the entertainers dress up in clothes similar to those that people wore 1,000 years ago.

The Tales of Robin Hood is an interactive museum where visitors sitting in cable cars are taken to a simulated Sherwood Forest. Flying arrows, ferocious wolves and the Sheriff of Nottingham are there to frighten us all. But we know that Robin Hood and his Merry Men will save us in the end. And if you think that the museum is not for you, how about a candlelit banquet at the Sheriff’s Lodge? A five-course meal with entertainment is provided and everyone has to dress up in authentic Robin Hood costume.

You can make your stay in Nottingham even more memorable if you explore the unique labyrinth of caves under the city, visit the many museums and galleries and participate in a walking Ghost Tour one evening. Nottingham is the capital of an area that’s proud of its past, and there’s a lot to offer in the city and in the surrounding area for adults and children alike.

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