Grammar tips: Reading B1

Hoy en nuestra sección de ejercicios de Gramática y otros aspectos del inglés, traemos unos ejercicios del nivel B1 con textos para realizar Reading, parte muy importante de cualquier examen oficial. Esperamos os sea de ayuda.


You may love your pet, but does your pet love you? Most animal lovers claim that animals definitely experience emotions. Many stories are told of older dogs who become jealous when a new dog (or a baby) arrives home. For many years, however, scientists did not agree that animals experienced emotions; these behaviours, they said, were simply physiological reactions to external stimuli. But now new research is beginning to confirm that animals may have feelings much like ours.

Recent studies have shown that many animals, including chimpanzees, dogs, horses, rats and birds, experience emotions similar to human jealousy, grief and love. Fear has also been widely observed by scientists, perhaps unsurprisingly, since this emotion helps in survival. Biologist Samuel Gosling claims that dogs exhibit four dimensions of personality: affection, sociability, emotional stability and “competence”, a combination of intelligence and obedience. These are similar to the categories of human personality generally found in basic psychological tests.

Other studies have shown that when a recording of dogs’ “laughter” is played to other dogs, they start to play with each other, and rats who “laugh” frequently seem to be popular among other rats, offering further proof of emotions among animals. In addition, animals respond to anti-depressant drugs and this proves that their brain chemistry, which is affected by the drug, must be similar to ours. Experts believe that their emotions must therefore be similar, too.

However, if animals really do have human-like emotions, there are some serious issues to consider: how fair is it, for example, for humans to keep animals in cages, or use them for pharmaceutical testing?

Exercise 1: Are the following statements true or false? Write capital T for true statements and a capital F when false.

1. Animal lovers believe that dogs can be jelous

2. Scientists are beginning to believe that animals have got feelings

3. Only humans experience both possitive and negative emotions

4. Dogs often “laugh” when they see other dogs playing

Coloca las palabras siguientes en los espacios vacíos.

  • bedclothes
  • coolly
  • sheets
  • air con
  • rates
  • outside
  • degree



Ciudad Real, central Spain, July 17, 11pm:   it’s 32.8ºC, according to the AEMET
Spanish state meteorological agency. At that temperature the bed   cling, pajamas
are too heavy, and cool air is notable by its absence. It’s impossible to sleep. Your first
reaction is to turn on the  , if you have it. But often it’s not worth the cost to have
it running the whole night, so you decide to turn it off again.

But is it possible to sleep   in the Spanish summer without air conditioning? Tradition
says yes. Ancient Egyptians used to moisten their   to sleep better and combat
heat waves, which pose a serious risk to public health. According to the results of a scientific
study carried out by the Spanish National Research Council, mortality   for those aged
over 75 increase 20.1 percent for each   that the maximum daily temperature rises
above 36ºC.

Coloca las siguientes palabras en los espacios vacíos.

  • crash
  • being
  • sure
  • passengers
  • role
  • sought
  • tragedy
  • conductors
  • blamed

Replace the words in the correct place:

To this day, there are still on the Madrid-Ferrol Alvia line who write messages of support for Francisco Garzón on their train tickets and ask to relay them to the disgraced driver. The notes are taken to him by a small group of close friends who take Garzón out to lunch every two weeks or so, to make he gets out of the house.

People no longer want to lynch Garzón, as they did the day after the . The attitude of the first investigating judge, Luis Aláez, who responsibility in higher places, played a . His friends say that these days, the slight-framed Garzón, who himself from the beginning, no longer hides at home, where he takes care of his ailing mother as he did before the (that is why he asked for a transfer to Galicia, despite originally stationed in Madrid).

Coloca las siguientes palabras en los espacios vacíos:

  • rewarded
  • economy
  • Party
  • growth
  • unemployment
  • news
  • Survey
  • employment
  • second
  • period
  • waiting

Replace the words in the correct place to make them meaningful:

After six years, the Spanish is adding jobs again. The number of people in rose by 192,400 in the second quarter of the year from the same in 2013, according to the Active Population released on Thursday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

This is the first time since the quarter of 2008, just before the crisis, that net employment has grown, measured as from the previous year.

Meanwhile, also fell by 424,500 people to a rate of 24.47%.

I’ve been a very long time, ever since I arrived in La Moncloa, to be able to announce this kind of . Our efforts are being ,” said Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of the Popular (PP).

Coloca las palabras en los espacios vacíos.

  • matter
  • consult
  • reply
  • affairs
  • predecessor
  • explained
  • commitment
  • Foreign
  • approval
  • stated
  • territory
  • assert

Replace the words in the following text to create a meaningful news:

The first thing José Manuel García-Margallo did when he took up the post of foreign minister in December 2011 was to to a letter that UK Secretary William Hague had sent 18 months earlier to Margallo’s , Miguel Ángel Moratinos.

In it, Margallo that he would not allow Hague to that London would not discuss the of Gibraltar’s sovereignty without prior from the residents of the British Overseas Territory.

The Spanish minister that the United Kingdom could with anyone it liked regarding the future of its , but that it could not refuse to talk following its to do so at the 1984 Brussels Process.

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