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Grammar tips: Relative clauses

Si conocéis nuestra web de Brickfield, sabéis que de lunes a viernes suele haber post diario y hoy tenéis Grammar tips para practicar lo amplio de la gramática en inglés, además solemos informar de eventos, cursos u otros aspectos de los idiomas que nos resultan interesantes para nuestros alumnos y lectores. Hoy practicamos los pronombres relativos: What / Which que son imprescindibles en el nivel B2, como el grupo que tenemos hoy de 19’30h a 21h y se lo saben ya de maravilla.

Si lo realizáis, podéis enviarnos las respuestas para corregirlo a nuestro mail: brickfield.ci@gmail.com

When do we use which and what?

Word Explanation Example
which You have a limited choice of things. Which lemonade do you like – green or pink?
what ou have an unlimited choice of things. What lemonade do you like?

With nouns that refer to people, sometimes which is used – even if there is an unlimited choice.

It is often possible to use what or which, like in the following example.

  • What is the largest country in the world?
  • Which is the largest country in the world?

BUT – if you choose sth from a group of things, use which.

  • Here are three apples. Which would you like?


Fill in «what» or «which».

1. cars are better, German ones or Japanese ones?
2. There are two cars in the garage. car is Mr Miller´s?
3. hobbies have you got?
4. time is it when you leave school?
5. pop groups do you like best?
6. people live in this country?
7. house is it, No. 3 or No. 4?
8. river flows through London?
9. of you knows the answer?
10. of these pupils have won the race?
11. is your friend´s name?
12. of those books is yours?


Decide whether What or Which is correct?

  1. colour is your pencil case?
  2. picture did Henry paint, the left one or the right one?
  3. language does Mr Miller teach, French or Italian?
  4. hobbies does your friend have?
  5. subject do you like better, Art or Music?
  6. car is faster, the red one or the blue one?
  7. time do you usually get up on Sundays?
  8. juice do you prefer, orange juice or apple juice?
  9. page are we on?
  10. subject do you not like?

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