Homework: How to sound like a native speaker. The best pronunciation tips

Hello students! Here you can find the homework of your group if you could not come to your lesson during this week.

And remember that if you are a virtual student at Brickfield you can also do this homework and send it to brickfield.ci@gmail.com and we will correct it for you and send it back again.


Grupo de alemán en el Espai Jove (Profesora: Rosa Monge):

Leer el siguiente texto


Friday Teenager group 16 to 17’30h and Thursday FCE group from 19’30 to 21h (Teacher: Trini Lorente):

We saw this video about how to sound like a native speaker in English with tips about the best pronunciation using ELISION and the sound SCHWA and asked the students to complete the following questions:

1. When you speak English, it’s important to:

_ say every word exactly how it is written.

_ let the words flow together smoothly.

_ have precise pronunciation.

2. The 'schwa' sound is:

_ the sound of an unstressed syllable in English

_ the sound of a stressed syllable

_ not found in any other language

3. How many syllables does a native speaker commonly pronounce in 'comfortable'?

_ 3

_ 4

_ 5

4. How many syllables does a native speaker pronounce in the word 'camera'?

_ 1

_ 2

_ 3

5. Which of the following statements about elision is wrong?

_ Elision makes speech fast and natural.

_ Elision is what gives English its rhythm.

_ Elision is one reason that speech does not sound the same as writing.

_ Posh people do not use elision.

6. "I want to see that film." How does this sentence sound in connected speech?

_ “I wan see that film.”

_ “I wanna see hat film.”

_ “I wanna see that film.”

7. "Do you want to get a pizza?" How does this sentence sound in connected speech?

_ “D’ja wanna get a pizza?”

_ “You want to get a pizza?”

_ “Want to get a pizza?”

8. With elision, how many syllables would a native speaker pronounce in the word'interesting'?

_ 2

_ 3

_ 4

Monday: PET group 10 to 11’30h (Teacher: Trini Lorente):

Homework page 146 grammar about advice exercises 1 and 2.

Writings from the exam. Do as many as you want.

Write an answer in about 100 words.

  • This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend

    I’m coming to visit your town in the summer with my parents and my twin brother. My parents love old buildings, and my brother and I just want something fun to do! Can you give me some ideas about where we could go?

  • Now write a letter to your friend.

  • Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.

  • Your story must begin with this sentence:

    When Tom’s dad picked him up in the car, he handed Tom a big bag from a sports store, and smiled.

  • Write your story now.

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