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InicioBlogHomework: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Homework: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Grupo Espai Jove Inglés (Teacher: Carla Clausell)

WRITING: Desccribe your town.

STUDENT’S BOOK: page 133: 6C (a,b), 6D (a,b).

PHOTOCOPIES present simple, present continuous:

espai jove 1 espai jove 2 espai jove 3 espai jove 4 espai jove

Grupo de inglés del lunes 16/3 (19:30; Teacher: Sheila Sánchez)

We corrected page 99, we also did 100

Unit 7A exercises b,c,d

Grupo de inglés de hoy miércoles 18/9 (10:00; Teacher: Sheila Sánchez)

We corrected exercise 1 and 2 page 146 .

Page 51 exercise F and Speaking exercise G

From test 3 we did listening part 1 and 2.

Homework: Do TEST 3(all parts except listening part 3 and 4)

Grupo de inglés martes 17/3 (19:30; Teacher: Sheila Sánchez) 

El mismo ejercicio que tienen que hacer los del lunes de las 19:30: Passive handout. Start doing the exercises, you don´t have to have them done for next week, but keep on doing them.You will have to hand it to me and I will correct it. Do also exercise D on page 92 and exercise 3 a,b,c,d page 94.

thanks for reading

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