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Homework semana de San Pascual

Ya se van acabando las fiestas de San Pascual!

Tanto para los que habéis asistido esta semana a la academia como los que os habéis cogido vacaciones, os mostramos los deberes de los diferentes grupos para que los podáis hacer en casa.

Monday group 10 to 11’30h: Outcomes (Teacher: Trini)

We learnt about Reported Speech so here you have a lot of sentences to do.

Make reported speech. Start all your answers with ‘she’, and use the past simple of ‘ask’, ‘say’ or ‘tell’. It’s the same day, so you don’t need to change the time expressions.

1) “Don’t do it!” .
2) “I’m leaving tomorrow” .
3) “Please get me a cup of tea” .
4) “She got married last year” .
5) “Be quick!” .
6) “Could you explain number four, please?” .
7) “Where do you live?” .
8) “We went to the cinema and then to a Chinese restaurant” .
9) “I’ll come and help you at twelve” .
10) “What are you doing tomorrow?” .
11) “Don’t go!” .
12) “Do you work in London?” .
13) “Could you tell me where the post office is?” .
14) “Come here!” .
15) “I’ve never been to Wales” .
16) “Have you ever seen ‘Lord of the Rings’?” .
17) “I don’t like mushrooms” .
18) “Don’t be silly!” .
19) “Would you mind waiting a moment please?” .
20) “How often do you play sport?” .

Tuesday and Friday group – Teenagers B2 (Teacher: Trini)

Esta semana hemos repasado el Reported Speech, por lo que podéis hacer los ejercicios que aparecen arriba y también hemos hecho ejercicios de ‘rephrasing’ que os mostramos aquí para que los hagáis y nos los hagáis llegar.

Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.

Do not change the original meaning.

  1. «Don’t run away from home», my friend advised. (TO)
  2. They’re starting a new volunteer programme in our school. (BEING)
  3. Perhaps they didn’t finish their education. (MIGHT)
  4. «Why are you standing here?» a shop owner asked us. (WE)
  5. He can’t pay the rent because he doesn’t have a job. (IF)
  6. This programme has helped thousand of homeless people. (BY)
  7. «I slept at a shelter last night», said the woman. (THAT)
  8. I’m sure that I’ll have a job next year. (WORKING)
  9. They seldom go abroad. (VERY OFTEN)
  10. They are going to release their new film before 1st December. (HAVE)
  11. The actor couldn’t remember his lines. (WASN’T)
  12. A gardener does her gardening every week. (HAS)
  13. She didn’t get the role bacause she was too tall. (IF)
  14. It’s possible that was the first film he directed. (MIGHT)
  15. If you don’t promise to keep this photo secret. I won’t send it to you. (UNLESS)
  16. «Your reports are due tomorrow», the teacher told his students. (THE FOLLOWING DAY)
  17. I haven’t read your blog lately because I haven’t had time. (IF)
  18. It isn’t necessary for you to respond to every «friend» request. (NEEDN’T)
  19. It’s a pity he didn’t think before posting those comments. (SHOULD)
  20. Who designed the Twitter logo? (BY)
  21. We plan to do a repost on how celebrities use Twitter. (GOING)
  22. Would you let me wear your necklace tonight? (CAN)
  23. I’m going to exercise from eight to nine. (AT 8,30)
  24. Do you think you will be married by the time you’re 35? (GOT)
  25. They were close friends for years. Then they fell in love. (AFTER)
  26. Jeff and Louise broke up during their drive home. (DRIVING)
  27. It’s impossible for me and my brother to get along. (ABLE TO)
  28. It was wrong of you to shout at me. (SHOULDN’T)
  29. I’m still trying to make friends in my new school. (HAVEN’T)
  30. I want to buy these shoes, but they aren’t comfortable. (IF)

Y recordad que aunque no seáis alumnos del centro podéis trabajar los ejercicios junto a nosotros y si nos los enviáis os los corregiremos en seguida!

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