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Homework Tuesday and Wednesday

As every week in here we tell you the homework of the lessons where some students could not come, so you can do it for next day.

Monday and Wednesday FCE group 19’30 to 21h

We corrected exercise D on page 93 and we did listening 6.9 and exercise B

We did some grammar on page 93 about Clauses of Contrast (how to use despite/ In spite of, though, although and even though) and we did exercises 3 A and C. 

Tuesday: FCE group 19’30 to 21h

Finish the exercises of the FCE exam, exercises on page 59 of the book about First and Second Conditionals.

Do the reading on page 60.

Wednesday: PET group 10 to 11’30h

Finish the exercises of the PET exam.

Developing conversation on page 36, grammar on page 47 and grammar exercises on page 145 about WILL and WON’T.

English Espai Jove: Book New English File Elementary

Do exercises from workbook unit 5 pages 40 and 47, all the exercises of the pages. (yes, we know, hard work, hehe, but for sure you can do it! The teacher trusts you)

And remember that if you have any question about your homework you can ask Vanessa at the reception desk or to your teacher.

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