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Os traemos los deberes de algunos de los grupos de inglés, no os preocupéis que no son tantos como los de la imagen, además la semana que viene llega Pascua y habrá días de descanso. Ahora a trabajar!

Grupo de inglés del lunes 23/03 a las (19:30; Teacher: Sheila Sánchez)

We did page 101 Speaking, page102 exercises 3 a,b,c Pronunciation, and exercise 4 Speaking about American influence in Spain.

Exercise 6 Song: American Pie. We did an exercise about American and English words. At home you have to do exercise 5 a and b.


Espai Jove inglés (martes 19h-21h; Teacher: Carla Clausell)

Workbook: page 57


1-What is your favourite star doing these days? write your article.

2-Give directions to go wherever you want in Vila-Real (you are in Espai Jove).


Grupo particular compartida Paula y María (Teacher: Svetlana)

  1. Find the regular verb in each line and write it into the gap

Example: say, lose, dance, sing

Answer: dance

1. Read, feel, play, see ______________2. listen, do, go, make ______________3. know, help, say, think ______________4. like, write, forget, eat _______________5. take, bring, cut, clean _______________6. watch, be, have, meet ________________7. put, buy, cook, teach _________________8. catch, buy, answer, lose _______________

9. want, tell, win, sit ___________________

10. sell, build, drink, open _______________

1. fly, plan, shake, begin →2. hit, love, hurt, lead →3. happen, run, pay , wear →4. stick, grow, look, speak →5. beat , send, leave , cry →6. break, live, cost, hear →7. lie, throw, shine, stop →8. sink, mean, choose, borrow →

9. collect, freeze, ring, shut →


  1. Are the following forms of the irregular verbs used as Infinitive, Simple Past and/or Past participle?
1. cost →InfinitiveSimple PastPast participle2. got →InfinitiveSimple Past

Past participle

3. build →


Simple Past

Past participle

4. knew →


Simple Past

Past participle

5. were →


Simple Past

Past participle

6. run →


Simple Past

Past participle

7. keep →


Simple Past

Past participle

8. sold →


Simple Past

Past participle

9. broken →


Simple Past

Past participle

1. went →InfinitiveSimple PastPast participle2. slept →InfinitiveSimple Past

Past participle

3. come →


Simple Past

Past participle

4. do →


Simple Past

Past participle

5. met →


Simple Past

Past participle

6. say →


Simple Past

Past participle

7. put →


Simple Past

Past participle

8. seen →


Simple Past

Past participle

9. caught →


Simple Past

Past participle


  1. Rewrite the complete phrases in Simple Past.
1. I arrive →2. they destroy →3. you hurry →4. she elects →5. you marry →6. we plan →7. he discovers →

8. they travel →

9. I prefer →

10. we wash →

1. they like →2. she dances →3. I play →4. you carry →5. he stops →6. you change →7. we enjoy →

8. she uses →

9. you try →

10. we visit →


  1. Put in the missing forms of the verbs.
________→ __________→ eaten• hear → __________ → ________________→ cost → _________fall → _________ →__________________→ _________→ hitkeep → _________→ __________________→ felt → __________

wear → ________ → _________

_________→ understood →__________• ride → ________ → ___________________→ put → _____________________→ _________ → sentshake → ___________ → __________________→ won → ____________meet → __________ → __________

1. Exercise Was or Were? Complete the sentences with was or were.

  1. I__________happy.
  2. You________angry.
  3. She ________in London last week.
  4. He _________on holiday.
  5. It ___________cold.
  6. We _________at school.
  7. You _________at the cinema.
  8. They _________at home.
  9. The cat _______on the roof.
  10. The children ________in the garden.

2. Complete this sentences with was or were.

  1. Tom __________ in Spain last weekend.
  2. Frank and Jim __________at the party last night.
  3. Who ___________at the cinema last Monday?
  4. The children __________quiet when their parents came home.
  5. She __________a nice person.
  6. He_____________usually not at home at the weekend.
  7. They_________good at English.
  8. We_____________in Lower Austria last summer.
  9. My brother_________in China some weeks ago.
  10. I___________in Copenhagen when my friends went there.


3. Write the verb in the gap in a correct form.

1. It was warm, so I_________off my coat. (take)

2. The film wasn’t very good. I__________it very much. (enjoy)

3. I was very tired, so I____________to bed early. (go)

4. The bed was very uncomfortable. I_________________very well. (sleep)

5. Sue wasn’t hungry, so she _______________anything. (eat)

6. We went to Kate’s house but she_______________at home. (be)

7. The window was open and a bird______________into the room. (fly)

8. The hotel wasn’t very expensive. It______________very much. (cost)

9. I was in a hurry, so I_________________time to phone you. (have)

10. It was hard work carrying the bags. They____________very heavy. (be)


4. Complete the exercise with the verbs inside the box. (simple past tense)

buy catch cost drink
fall hurt sell spend
teach throw win write

1. Mozart ______________ more than 600 pieces of music.

2. ‘How did you learn to drive?’ ‘My father ______________ me.’

3. We couldn’t afford to keep our car, so we _____________ it.

4. I was very thirsty. I _______________ the water very quickly.

5. Paul and I played tennis yesterday. He’s much better than me, so he _________easily.

6. Don ___________ down the stairs this morning and ____________his leg.

7. Jim __________ the ball to Sue, who __________ it.


Grupo ESO (Lara y Paula, Teacher: Svetlana)

  1. Use Zero and First Conditional Clauses to complete the sentences.

1) If he __has_________ (have) got a temperature, __call_______ (call) the doctor.

2) ______________ (take) your umbrella if it ________________ (rain).

3) If you ______________ (heat) water to 100ºC, it _______________ (boil).

4) ______________ (take) a taxi if you ________________ (be) in a hurry.

5) If it ________________ (be) too late when you get home, ________________ (not/wake) me up.

6) If you ______________ (put) butter near the fire, it _______________ (melt).


  1. Rewrite these sentences using UNLESS.

1) We won’t buy any fish today if it isn’t cheaper than yesterday. ___We won’t buy any fish today unless it is cheaper than yesterday._______________________

2) If you don’t go to the party, they’ll be disappointed. ________________________________________________________________

3) I can’t help her if she doesn’t want to talk to me. ________________________________________________________________

4) If it doesn’t stop raining, we’ll stay at home. ________________________________________________________________

5) If he doesn’t go to the post office, he won’t buy the stamps. ________________________________________________________________

6) George won’t come out of hospital if he doesn’t feel better. ________________________________________________________________


  1. Complete the following sentences.

1) If we don’t hurry, we ___will be____________ (be) late.

2) If I see her, I _____________________ (give) her your message.

3) If you’re hungry, I _____________________ (make) you a sandwich.

4) If he _____________________ (not/come) to the party, I will be very upset.

5) If she ____________________ (go) to Paris, she’ll send me a postcard.

6) If we _____________________ (not/be) busy, we’ll come with you.

7) If he does that again, dad ____________________ (be) very angry.

8) If he ______________________ (not/finish) his homework, he won’t go out.

9) If he ______________________ (come), I’ll talk to him.

10) If she _______________________ (hurry), she won’t be late.

11) If it rains, we ___________________ (not/go) out.

12) If they are late, they ______________________ (miss) the bus.

thanks for reading

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