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Este fin de semana se realiza el examen de inglés de Cambridge PET, y en breve también son las convocatorias del CPE y el FCE, así que para ayudar a los que se presentan os dejamos algunos ejercicios para el último repaso. Recordad que en Julio hacemos cursos intensivos de mañana y tarde de B1 (PET) y B2 (FCE), podéis consultarnos horarios y tarifas, aquí el post informativo de los cursos de verano.

Word building


Completa los recuadros con una palabra formada a partir de la palabra dada entre paréntesis.

1. During the last years, there was a great (improve) in science and medicine.

2. When Mark entered the house, his mother looked at him in (astonish) .

3. The teacher fell on the floor and the kids roared with (laugh) .

4. There was a feeling of (sad) in her eyes.

5. Tim has always shown a lot of (interest) on stamps.

6. Do you have (permit) to go out?

7. I need an (enlarge) of this photograph.

8. Due to the fog, all flights had a delayed (arrive) .

9. Attention, please! I have an important (announce) to make.

10. The central bank has promised a (reduce) in interest rates.


Click in the gaps and type one word in each gap.


The Goulburn Valley

The Goulburn Valley is situated in the south-east corner of the Australian continent, in the state of Victoria. Because the introduction of irrigation over a century ago, primary industry flourished, resulting in a multitude of orchards market gardens. After World War II, migrants flocked to the area in search of work on the farms, and in cases, establishing a property of their own.

Unfortunately, the region has taken a turn for the worse over the past decade. The irrigation water that was plentiful has now been rationed, and many farmers have been forced the land. The main source of water is from the Goulburn River, with several reservoirs located along its stretch to the mighty Murray River. Dam capacities have fallen to dangerous levels, resulting in some farmers having inadequate supply of irrigation water.

the recent hardships, some farmers have continued to eke an existence out of the land. Many have become ingenious, devising new ways to utilize water plus finding special niches to service the ever-changing urban needs. Perhaps the Goulburn Valley can return to its prosperous times again.


Read the text below and choose from the menus the suitable answer. Then check your answers. The first alternative [ eagerfast – important – urgent ] is already done for you.




Is the history of the world in    need of correction?
Some historians, mostly women, argue that insufficient 
   has been paid to a very important group: women.
These historians    history textbooks to be revised
so that they show accurately the role    by women.


  the history books, cavemen  most of the food for their

families through hunting animals. But the  shows that 80% of the diet of

prehistoric humans was vegetarian and it was collected by females.  ,

women’s efforts in fighting in wars or leading revolutions have been ignored. Textbooks 

concentrate on men such as Hannibal or Che Guevara and neglect 

women such as Théroigne de Méricourt, an opera singer who led the storming of the

Bastille in 1789, or Mariya Bochkareva, a Bolshevik who organised a well-trained and

  successful troop of 2,000 fighting women during the Russian revolution in 

1917.  Women rulers are also forgotten. Between 962 and 1582 there were at least 16

women rulers in countries  from Italy to Angola.

Women  up half the human . If there is no    to their

contribution to history in the textbooks, then the real story is not being told. However

many male historians  that important female figures have been kept 

the history books.


thanks for reading

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