Our time and how we use it .- C1 Vocabulary


Ahora que vienen unos días festivos, de vacaciones o desconexión, en los que sacaremos tiempo para nosotros, os traemos vocabulario de nivel C1, con expresiones sobre el tiempo.

En esta entrega de C1 vocabulary, nos detenemos en conceptos y frases hechas sobre el tiempo libre, las aficiones, los pasatiempos y todo lo relacionado con nuestras formas de pasar el tiempo.

Unit Vocabulary Word Patterns
Spend/take/pass (time)
Waste (time)
Kill (time)
Use (time)
Time (v, n)
Schedule (v, n)
Shift/turn (n, v)
Clock/watch (n, v)
Punctual (adj)
Premature (adj)
Can´t stand
Do/play (sport)
Arrive at/get to/reach
Garden (v, n)
Be keen on, Be fond of, Be a fan of, Be big on Be good/bad at
Be interested in
Be crazy/mad about
Be eager (infinitive)
Compete against
Concentrate on
Involve in
Listen to
Participate in
Join in
Go for a walk
Can´t help (ing) – avoid
Do (general activities) – do sport, do nothing Go + (ing)
Be on time
Take advantage of
According to
Confuse with
Believe in
Comment on
Depend on
Surprise by
Persuade of
Share with
Work on
Point in (ing)
Describe as
Be similar to
Be good at
Phrasal verbs Word formation
Clock in – record when people start work
Clock out – record when people finish work
Crop up – occur suddenly
Fit in – find time to do sth
Get into – start liking
Get together – meet to spend time together
Go off – stop liking
Hang out – spend time with sb
Keep on – continue
Knock off – stop doing sth
Lay out – plan sth
Lie ahead – what will occur
Mess about – waste time doing sth
Press on – continue working
Pick up – start to learn
Run out (of) – not have any left/remaining
Take off – spend time away from work
Tide over – provide what is needed for s short time
Win – winning, winner
Lose – lost, losing, loss
Arrive – arrival
Arrange – arrangement
Begin – beginning
Involve – involvement
Join – joint
Garden – gardening
Concentrate – concentration
Compete – competition
Eager – eagerly, eagerness
Interest – interested, interesting
Waste – wasteful
Spend – expensive, spending
Clock – clockwise, anti-clockwise
Press – pressure
Time – timeless
Similar – similarity
Describe – description, descriptive
Persuade – persuasion
Confuse – confusion
Believe – belief
Depend – dependence
Mess – messy
Time – timely, timing
Fixed phrases Idioms
As well as
As long as
I´d rather + verb (do)
Regret (not) + ing
Be worth + ing
A part of
As soon as
By the time
On/at the point of
Take ages
Take by surprise
From time to time
A matter of time
At this point/At a time
During which
No longer
Be at a loose end – TO HAVE NOTHING TO DO
Let off steam – TO UNWIND
Put your feet up – TO RELAX
A couch potato – TO BE LAZY
Take five – TO TAKE A BREAK
Recharge your batteries – TO RECOVER
Surf the net – USE THE INTERNET
Variety is the spice of life – WHAT MAKES LIFE MORE  ENJOYABLE
Be on the ball – TO BE ON FIRE
Jump the gun – TO JUMP AHEAD (precipitarse)
Around the corner – TO BE VERY SOON
In the nick of time – TO BE JUST IN TIME
Lose track of time – TO NOT KNOW THE TIME
Before your time – TO BE TOO SOON
Once in a blue moon – TO DO SOMETHING RARELY
On the spur of the moment – SUDDENLY

Ejemplos de expresiones con ‘time’

I keep practising a lot and I’m improving all the time.
Sigo practicando mucho y estoy mejorando todo el tiempo.

Children must be supervised at all times while in the park.
Los niños deben ser vigilados en todo momento mientras están en el parque.

You can call me at any time.
Puedes llamarme en cualquier momento.

At no time was the company informed.
En ningún momento informaron a la empresa.

At one time Tina wanted to be a nurse, but then she abandoned the idea.
En un tiempo Tina quería ser enfermera, pero luego abandonó la idea.

Karen and I went to live in London at the same time.
Karen y yo fuimos a vivir a Londres al mismo tiempo.

Karen was working for the competition at the time.
Karen trabajaba para la competencia en ese entonces.

I just want to quit my job at times.
Me dan ganas de renunciar al trabajo a veces.

Our equipment is a bit behind the times.
Nuestro equipamiento es un poco anticuado.

The train left twenty minutes behind time.
El tren partió veinte minutos tarde.

For the time being, the kid is living with his aunt in Stratford.
De momento, el niño está viviendo con su tía en Stratford.

We go to the theatre from time to time.
Vamos al teatro de vez en cuando.

We’ll be there in no time.
Estaremos allí enseguida.

Will you be able to finish your homework in time?
¿Podrás terminar tus deberes a tiempo?

Maria was tapping her feet in time to the music.
Maria golpeaba sus pies al compás de la música.

Many a time I have longed to be a bird, free to fly everywhere.
A menudo anhelo ser un ave, libre para volar a cualquier parte.

Jerry was worried about whether he’d be able to get there on time.
Jerry estaba preocupado por si podría llegar allí puntualmente.

As the shop was small, customers came in one at a time.
Como la tienda era pequeña, los clientes entraban de a uno por vez.

The police were catching the same thieves stealing time after time.
La policía atrapaba a los mismos ladrones robando una y otra vez.

The company decided to do a time and motion study to find out how efficient employees are.
La empresa decidió hacer un estudio de productividad para averiguar cuán eficientes son los empleados.

Cutting down the rainforest may be a time bomb for the environment.
Talar los bosques podría ser una bomba de tiempo para el medio ambiente.

The time limit for the application is two weeks.
El tiempo límite para la postulación es dos semanas.

Sarah took some time off to visit France.
Sarah se tomó vacaciones para visitar Francia.

It’s good to take a time out from work and go out with friends.
Es bueno tomarse un descanso del trabajo y salir con amigos.

Time’s up! You must hand in your papers now.
¡Se acabó el tiempo! Deben entregar sus exámenes ahora.

In the film there was a time warp and they all appeared in 1955.
En la película había un salto en el tiempo y todos aparecían en 1955.

In the east of the country they have a different time zone.
En el este del país tienen un huso horario diferente.

It’s about time you returned my book!
¡Ya era hora que me devolvieras el libro!

Once upon a time, there lived an orphan girl with her wicked stepmother.
Había una vez una niña huérfana que vivía con su malvada madrastra.

The orchestra conductor was beating the time with his baton.
El director de la orquesta marcaba el compás con su batuta.

Newton’s idea was way ahead of its time.
La idea de Newton estaba adelantada a su época.

They really gave me a hard time at the job interview.
Realmente me la hicieron difícil en la entrevista laboral.

Whenever she goes out with her friends, Sarah has a good time.
Siempre que sale con sus amigos, Sarah la pasa bien.

Tom has no time for people who talk too much.
Tom no soporta a la gente que habla demasiado.

If the resorts want to keep attracting visitors, they need to move with the times.
Si los centros turísticos quieren seguir atrayendo a los visitantes, necesitan estar actualizados.

Lucy took her time cutting my hair but she did it very well.
Lucy se tomó su tiempo para cortarme el pelo pero lo hizo muy bien.

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