Video: How the French speak English

A veces nos gusta compartir momentos graciosos, anécdotas, fragmentos de vídeos o canciones que pueden divertiros, porque suele suceder que aprendemos mucho mejor mientras disfrutamos, nos reímos o lo relacionamos con cosas positivas. Por ello, hoy compartimos con vosotros un vídeo de la película de La Pantera Rosa.

In this scene from Pink Panther, Steve Martin, speaks with a cheap and funny French accent when speaking English with his accent coach. It is really difficult to understand even for a native speaker. Transcription:

Inspector Clouseau (with a heavy French accent): Hef, I’m going to America. I’m going there to learn to speak with a flawless American accent, so as not to arouse suspicion. Cette femme is the greatest accent coach in the world.

Accent Coach: I would like to buy a Hamburger…

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