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9 de Marzo grupo de inglés FCE de las 19:30, (Teacher Sheila Sánchez):

They corrected exercise 5 a,b and exercise 6 b on page 94

They did exercise 4 a, b, c, d on page 97

Page 98 biography, they did the exercise about prepositions and started unit 7A and did exercise 1 a.

They also read about McDonald’s ingredients and were talking about it.
Homework for next week: students have to write a biography like the one on page 98 and also do page 99 (Revise and check).

10 marzo Inglés Espai Jove, (Teacher Carla Clausell):

WRITING: Describe your house and your favourite room in it (say why it is your favourite room)

STUDENT’S BOOK: Grammar bank, page 133 (6A, a and b; 6B, a and b)

WORKBOOK: pages 49, 50, 51 and 52


11 marzo grupo de inglés FCE 19’30, (Teacher Trini Lorente):

Unit 6 Gold book, page 68 Exercises 1 and 2 and the Speaking describing the pictures

12 marzo grupo de inglés FCE 19’30 (Teacher Trini Lorente):

Exercises 5, 6 and reading and use of English on page 73.

12 marzo grupo inglés ESO 15’45, (Teacher Svetlana):

Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous Exercise 3

  1. __________________________ (you/ buy) your train ticket yet?
  2. The kitchen is a complete mess! What __________________(the children/ do)?
  3. Julie __________________ (learn) to drive for six years!
  4. Amanda __________________ (already/ have) lunch, so she’ll meet us later.
  5. How much coffee _________________ (she/ drink) this morning?
  6. Simon _______________ (write) three books.
  7. I ________________ (do) everything I needed to do today! Hurray!
  8. It _________________ (not/ rain) all summer, so the garden is dead.
  9. I ________________ (read) your book. Here it is, thank you.
  10. She ________________ (forget) how to get to my house.
  11. I _________________ (work) in the garden all day and I need a rest.
  12. She ________________ (make) three cakes. They look delicious!
  13. David feels great these days. He ______________ (get) up early lately.
  14. We ________________ (always/ hate) rush hour traffic.
  15. Recently, I ______________ (study) a lot. My exams are in a few weeks.
  16. We ________________ (write) this book for months and months.
  17. I _________________ (always/ love) chocolate.
  18. I _________________ (want) to go back to university for a long time.
  19. What’s that delicious smell? _____________ (you/ cook)?
  20. I _________________ (watch) seven films this week!

thanks for reading

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