Irregular verbs exercise1

Nuevos ejercicios de Irregular verbs de completar en el modo que sea necesario, para repasar los verbos básicos en oraciones fáciles.

  1. Last month we __________ on a trip to Jerusalem.
  1. I _________ a good movie last night.
  1. We ___________ a tasty vegetables salad yesterday.
  1. He ____________ to catch the bus but he missed it!
  1. Anna_________  me a funny joke last night.
  1.  I __________ ”goodbye” and __________ out.
  1.  My parents ____________ home very late last Friday.
  1.  I  _______ my homework and then I ________all the books into my book.
  1. Our teacher __________ birthday last week.
  1.  Maria __________ a beautiful jacket two hours ago.
  1.  I_________  the new song at the party  yesterday.
  1.  My friends ______________  a wonderful present for my birthday.
  1.  She __________ very surprised when she ________ that man there.
     14.  The pupils __________ an adventure book last lesson. (read)
     15.  The boys __________  ten minutes ago. (meet)
     16.  Somebody _________ my money! (steal)

thanks for reading

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