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Irregular verbs exercise2

Traemos un nuevo ejercicio de completar con los verbos irregulares, porque cada miércoles tenéis un nuevo post para practicarlos.

  1. Mother _____________ sick, so she stayed in bed.
  1. I ___________ ten hours last night.
  1. Diana ____________ her pet dog to school yesterday.
  1. I ___________ you were my best friend
  1. The old man ____________ near the window and looked outside.
  1.  I __________ to my old brother last night. He is in France now.
  1. The pupil ___________ the math lesson.
  1.  He ___________ a letter to his friend in England.
  1. Yesterday, our dad __________ us to the biggest zoo .
  1.  My glass ________. Please give me another one.
  1. The baby ____________ the new newspaper.
  1.  They ____________ the ball and I _________ it quickly.
  1.  Last year he ___________  a new house.
     14.  The girls ___________ on the bench in the backyard. (sit)
     15.  My uncle _______ me a cool bike two years ago. (buy)
     16. The woman ____________ the car slowly because of the rain. (drive)

thanks for reading

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