Vocabulary about environment and renewable energies

The topic of environment and renewable energies is quite popular nowadays in the exams and also if you have a real conversation with friends or you need it at work. Every year we are more conscious about the importance of taking care of our planet and for that reason today we want to propose you a list with vocabulary related to this topic and useful expressions you can put into practise.

At the end of the vocabulary you have a writing exercise to do, you can send it by mail if you want our teachers to correct it or you can hand it in.


Cliff – acantilado
Desert – desierto
Earthquake – terremoto
Ecosystem – ecosistema
Endanger species – especies en peligro de extinción
Environment – medio ambiente
Forest – bosque
Hills – colinas
Hurricane – huracán
Jungle – selva
Meadow – prado
Nature – naturaleza
Rain forest – bosque tropical
Sea level – nivel del mar
Shore – costa
Storm / thunderstorm – tempestad
Waterfall – catarata

Ecology and renewable energy

Become extinct/ to die out – extinguirse
Car sharing – compartir coche
Conservation – conservación
Eco-friendly – expresión que indica que estamos ante un elemento que no daña el medio ambiente
Ecological – ecológico
Ecologist – ecologista
Electric car – coche eléctrico
Environmentally friendly – que no daña el medio ambiente
Garbage disposal (US) – eliminación de residuos
Garbage separation (US) – separación de residuos
Organic – orgánico
Ozone-friendly – que no daña la capa de ozono
Ozone layer – capa de ozono
Recyclable – recicable
To recycle – reciclar
Recycled – reciclado
Reforestation – repoblación forestal
Renewable energy – energía renovable
Solar energy – energía solar
Waste disposal – eliminación de residuos
Waste separation – separación de residuos
Wind power – energía eólica

Damaging elements for the environment

Acid rain – lluvia ácida
Carbon dioxide – dióxido de carbono
Chemicals – sustancias químicas
Contaminants – Contaminantes
Contaminate – Contaminar
Contamination – Contaminación
Climate change – cambio climático
Deforestation – deforestación
Effluent – aguas residuales
Extinction – extinción
Garbage – basura
Global warming – calentamiento global
Greenhouse effect – efecto invernadero
Noise pollution – contaminación acústica
Nuclear radiation – radiación nuclear
Oil – petróleo
To poison – envenenar
To pollute – contaminar
Pollution – contaminación
Toxic waste – residuos tóxicos
Radioactive substance – sustancia radiactiva
Radioactive waste – residuos radiactivos
Radioactivity – radioactividad
Sewage – aguas residuales
Sewage farm (GB) – estación depuradora
Sewage plant (US) – estación depuradora
Smog – niebla tóxica
Sulphur dioxide – dióxido de azufre
Wild fire – incendio forestal

Useful expressions

Taking care of the environment – cuidar el medio ambiente
Reduce, reuse, recycle – Reducir, reusar, reciclar
Electric cars could replace conventional cars – Los coches eléctricos podrían sustituir a los convencionales
A good way to reduce pollution is car sharing – Una buena manera de reducir la contaminación es compartir coche
The poles are melting – Los polos se están derritiendo
China, Germany and India are the leading countries in wind energy – China, Alemania y La India son los países líderes en energía eólica
It is important to treat spills before they reach rivers or seas – Es importante tratar los vertidos antes de que lleguen a ríos o mares
The United States is the country with the most nuclear power stations in the world – Estados Unidos es el país con más centrales nucleares del mundo



Write an essay using all the notes and gve reasons for your point of view. Write betweek 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

What can young people do to help protect and improve their local environment? 


  1. Recycling things
  2. Cycling or walking instead of using cars
  3. ….. (your own ideas)

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