silueta mirando el futuro en cursos de ingles en Burriana Castelló

En inglés, hay diferentes formas de expresar el futuro, y en este post, tras haber visto este tema en clase, os dejamos una introducción de las formas más importantes y sus usos.

Future forms

Will/ ‘ll

The auxiliary verb will is used in making predictions ,opinions, promises, offers and instant decisions.

In the year 2050 all students will have their own computers in school. (prediction).

Do you think she will come soon? (opinion).

I’ll pick you up at the airport (promise).

I’ll carry that bag for you (offer).

I’m hungry. I will have a sandwich (instant decision).

Be going to

Be going to is used in talking about intentions, plans, predictions (with an evidence).

We are going to buy a new car next month (plan).

It’s cloudy. It’s going to rain (prediction).

Present continuous

The present continuous tense is used in talking about arrangements. (An arrangement is a plan for the future that you have already thought about and discussed with someone else.)

I’m meeting my mum at the airport.

Present simple

The present simple is used dor future events that are scheduled and outside of our control.

There is no need to hurry, the train doesn’t leave for another 30 minutes.

Ahora a practicar:

Put the verbs into the correct form (will, be going to, simple present or present continuous).

  1. I love London. I (probably /go)________________ there next year.

  2. Our train (leave) ________________ at 4.47.

  3. What (wear/you) ________________ at the party tonight?

  4. I haven’t made up my mind yet. But i think I (find) ________________ something nice in my mum’s wardrobe.

  5. This is my last day here, i (go) ________________back to England tomorrow.

  6. Hurry up! The conference (begin) ________________ in 20 minutes.

  7. My horoscope says that I (meet) ________________ an old friend this week.

  8. Look at this big black clouds! It ________________(rain).

  9. Here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow it (be) ________________ dry and sunny.

Circle the best answer. Sometimes 2 answers are possible:

1. –________________?

   – Tomorrow. My flight is in the morning.

a. When will you leave?

b. When are you leaving?

c. When are you going to leave?

2. – You must bring the money tomorrow.

   – Don’t worry, ________________

a. I’m not forgetting

b. I’m not going to forget

c. I won’t forget.

3. – Do you have any palns for tonight?

   – Yes ________________

a. I’ll meet some friends.

b. I’m going to meet some friends

c. I’m meeting some friends.

4. – The interviews for the new manager were yesterday.

   – I think ________________

a. Bob is getting the job.

b. Bob is going to get the job.

c. Bob will get the job.

5. – This suitcase is to heavy for me..

   – ________________

a. I’ll carry it for you..

b. I’m carrying it for you..

c. I will carry it for you.

6. – What would you like to drink?

   – ________________

a. I’ll have a capuccino, please.

b. I’m going to have a capuccino, please.

c. I’m having a capuccino, please.

7. – Here’s my e-mail address.

   – Thanks. ________________ tomorrow.

a. I’m going to send you the photos .

b. I’m sending you the photos.

c. I’ll send you the photos.

8. – ________________ this weekend?

   – No, I have to work on Sunday.

a. Are you going to go away

b. Will you go away.

c. Are you going away

9. – England are playing Brazil tomorrow.

   – I’m sure ________________ .

a. they’ll lose .

b. they are losing.

c. they are going to lose.

10. – My train arrives at 2.15.

     – Ok________________by the information desk. .

a. I’ll meet you.

b. I’m going to meet you..

c. I’m meeting you.

11. – Do I need to bring an umbrella?

    – No, I don’t think________________

a. it rains.

b. it’ll rain.

c. it’s going to rain.

thanks for reading

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