We all love long weekends, don’t we? “Bank holiday”, “faire le pont”, “brückentag”, or “sandwich”—they’re all names for common collective holidays. The four-day workweek, the three-day weekend or the extended weekend; whatever we choose to call it, it surely allows us to relax and recharge. Most of us would say we live for the weekend, so one or two extra days off of work every now and then may work miracles. Whatever the case, long weekends or, for instance, this Decembre bank holiday are both a right and an opportunity for us to take a break from our daily working reality. Sometimes, they are the perfect antidote for a “Sunday Scaries” or a “Monday morning blues”, so take them as a sort of gift that shouldn’t be squandered .

Would you like to know some benefits of “Bank Holidays”?

Let’s take a look at some common pitfalls people make when it comes to enjoying a long weekend and how to avoid them. After all, you don’t want your free time go down the drain

  1. People stress out. We all need a little downtime to turn our batteries on sometimes. Even on extended weekends, some people are unable to do it. This brings about anguish at a time when we should be enjoying and unwinding ourselves. In spanish it is called “Busy life disease“.
  2. People spend a lot of money needlessly. We sometimes cannot control ourselves over long weekends and we may end up with empty wallets. Too many impulse purchases in such a short period of time is a terrible idea. If you’re seeking to have a great deal of fun on a budget , consider a staycation or prudently plan a holiday in the sun.
  3. People make unhealthy choices. We would find any excuse to skip our fitness regimens and eat unhealthy food. An extended weekend is a great excuse to abandon good habits. It’s normal to want to indulge occasionally, but do it in moderation.
  4. People never stop working. It’s one thing to be scheduled to work over the holiday weekend due to bad luck. It’s quite another if you prefer to work from home throughout the bank holiday. That could be an indication that you’re about to burn out or that you’re simply addicted to work. If you really need to be productive, don’t permit work to seep into your free time. Schedule some time to do your work and then move on.
  5. People don’t unplug. A holiday weekend is the ideal time to disconnect from your many screens and spend some time outside. Don’t be that person who wastes every waking hour glued  to their social media profiles. You’ll miss out on all the fun out there.

In conclusion, THE BRIEFER THE WEEK, LOVELIER THE GRIN: the weekend, whether two or three days, will always be shorter than the workweek. It is essential to make the most of the space and freedom for it in order to dedicate ourselves to our mental health and well-being. We are not robots, and we are not designed to work continuously. We all need some time off from work to spend with family, work on relationships, pursue hobbies and interests, and, yes, take some well-deserved mental and physical rest.


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